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Personal Information & Fact Sheet

Name Captain Michael Dempsey
Birth - Date & Place September 29, 1822 - Lea, Queens County, Ireland (near Portarlington)
Death - Date & Place August 20, 1906 - Buried in Jena, Louisiana. According to his gravestone, his last words were, "dreamers God be with you."
Occupation - Bio Soldier, Farmer, Freemason and Civic Leader
Father Martin Dempsey ? (b. 17?? - d. 18??)
Mother Unknown
Spouse Eveline B. Cockerham - married July 20, 1852 - Catahoula, LA
Children Angeline F. Dempsey (b. circa 1855)
Children Henrietta C. Dempsey (b. circa 1857)
Children Mary Alice Dempsey (Posey) (b. circa 1859)
Children Christopher Columbus Dempsey (b. circa 1860 d. 1916)
Children Minerva Dempsey (b. Nov. 23, 1862 - d. Feb. 22, 1886)
Children Cornelius Grover Dempsey (b. July 30, 1865 d. Aug. 25, 1953)
Children Judith "Judy" Dempsey (Snow) - (born Sept. 12, 1867 - d. Sept. 17, 1893)
Children Clara Mattie Dempsey (Davis) (b. Sept. 8, 1871 d. Aug. 28, 1956)
Children ? Jamie Dempsey (b. June 12, 1874 - d. Apr. 25, 1951 - Jena cemetery)

More Information Michael Dempsey enlisted on July 21, 1840 at Providence, RI, and was assigned to Co. "B" 7th Regiment of US Infantry, participating in the Florida Seminole Indian War. He was discharged at Fort Pike, La. July 21, 1845. Some detached service during this time at McIntosh's Plantation. Also stationed at various times at: Fort Wacahootie, Fort Heilman, Fort Wheelook, Fort Micanopy (sp), and Fort Pike. During Seminole Indian War, served 750 days. After his discharge he lived one year in Missouri, and went from there to the Mexican War, serving as a civilian to the Quartermasters Department. At the time he enlisted, he was 18 yrs. old, 5 feet 7 inches, dark complexion, gray eyes, black hair and a farmer. His pension started at at $8/mo and went to $12/mo. For raising the pension it states he is 78 yrs. (1900) in feeble health, eyesight failing, with little means of feeding his 8 cattle. Papers say he died Aug. 21, 1906. Land Bounty Warrant No. 20971 for 160 acres issued Oct. of 1850. HE WAS BORN SEPT. 29, 1822. Michael died of some ? fever, was unable to take nurishment and died about two months latter. There is a very neatly written letter from Michael about his service to the country in the Mexican War while trying to apply for another land bounty parcel.
(Courtesy of Carol Wolf)

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